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And just like that, I have a degree

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As of this evening I have successfully secured 1st class honours for a BSc in Computer Science. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t one of the proudest days of my life :)

Maybe the actual graduation ceremony will beat it in a few weeks, assuming I don’t be that guy and trip on the stage!

My final grade for the degree was a happy 79.59, not that it matters too much once it’s inside one of the grade brackets. Least to say I am a little chuffed. The grade for my dissertation has left me happy too with a final grade of 88 in both modules!

This ontop of the recent news that I got PhD funding for next year has left me in a decidedly good mood. Starting this October I will be working towards a PhD in Computer Graphics under my dissertation supervisor Dr. Mark Jones. I’m not entirely sure exactly what I will be researching yet, but I know it’s likely going to be to do with Global Illumination and/or GPU Acceleration; the two areas which I am most interested in!