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Update: 3rd Year Modules

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After 201 votes I am pretty happy with the result ranking for which modules I want to take next year.

As it stands there are two mandatory modules, CS-344 and CS-354, which are related to the 3rd year project. Each of those is weighted at 20 credits meaning that I have to fill 80 credits worth of module selection to get 120 credits next year. At 10 credits a pop this means 8 modules.

So here comes the decision do I split it evenly and do four modules in TB1 and four in TB2? Or do I take more modules in TB1 because there is more there that I want to do? See, I said I was indecisive… Now to write a ranking program to let me vote on which of those I want to do… I kid. But seriously this is stressing me out.

After a quick conversation with my rather inebriated father (more akin to a conversation with a parrot. Love you Dad) I have decided to split the modules 5/3 and in TB1 do:

  • CS-307 Computer Graphics II:Modelling and Rendering
  • CS-313 High Integrity Systems
  • CS-377 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • CS-358 High-Performance Computing in C/C++
  • CS-345 Artificial Intelligence Applications

And in TB2 do:

  • CS-318 Cryptography and IT Security
  • CS-311 Concepts of Computer Programming Languages
  • CS-371 Design Patterns and Generic Programming

I am slightly worried about the thought of five exams in TB1 but I think I’ll be able cope with it.