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Which modules to take next year?

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Those who know me know that I am one of the most indecisive people in the world. So when posed with the question of what modules to choose next year I was completely at a loss! So much so that I have been putting it off for several months.

But now with the release of our Year 2 course marks and exam results I found myself continually going on and off of the Uni Intranet in order to check my results and show my parents. It occurred to me that with this traffic back and forth passed the button for module selections I really had NO excuse not to do them already.

But what to choose? I couldn’t do it! But then it came to me, two years ago after watching The Social Network I had wanted to try and recreate Zuckerberg’s ‘Facemash’ website so I had made on a subdomain of L2Program ‘Catmash’. A system for voting which of two cats was cuter. A fun little experiment with a powerful ranking algorithm; an algorithm that I already had the code for…

It has taken me about 2 hours to get this little program up and running. Every time it ‘poses a question’ to you it randomly selects Term Block 1 or 2 and then two unique modules within that Term Block. You click on the one you would rather take and over the course of several hundred votes it builds two lists of modules in the order of which you ‘really’ want to take.

Here is the input file the program loads from.