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Android: Random Background Changer

Android Java

Just a quick preview of what I have been working on for the last few days. This is really the purest form of procrastination; that is, making work for myself to stop myself working on my dissertation or coursework.

The video below shows a quick demo of the app. I start by accessing the settings UI of the app by clicking on the Icon in the notification area. The Icon is there all the time while the background service is running.

The service can be disabled and the icon removed using the first option, an On/Off Switch, in the settings. The second option is a dropdown box to choose the delay between image changes. Finally, the third option toggles whether a Toast notification will appear when the background is changed.

My plans for the continued development of the app are to add the ability to select folders and individual images into a queue like system, as for now the app looks for (and creates if it is not there) a folder called “wallpapers” in the root directory of the file system.

I have a couple of ideas for other features, but I’ll list them below to keep this brief…

  • Selection Choices (Random Queue, Random, Name)
  • Ability to Select Folders and individual Files to create a virtual queue
  • Toggle for whether a new wallpaper should be applied every time the screen is turned on